Fitness Classes

We offer a variety of Fitness Classes, all of which include coached intentional movement, some individualized attention and can be adjusted for all levels.  To see a full schedule of classes, click here.

Move, Sweat, Smile!

Instructor: Nick Weiss


Instructor: Dan Hafner

Kettlebell Happy/Power Hour

Instructors: Chris Gaines or Brent Lake

Core Conditioning

Instructors: Mike Bazzel, Arian Soltero

Mo 'bility

Instructor: Chris Turner

iCardio + iCardio 2.0

Instructors: Nick Weiss, Charles Vanchieri, Sam Morris, Gracie Varda or Kyler Ishisaki

Strength Fundamentals

Instructor: Chris Turner

Primal School

Instructor: Nick Weiss

Foundational Athleticism

Instructor: Bart Goodell