PerformanceGaines Approach


Your local movement training dojo

We believe that our time here on earth is best spent diligently working to improve ourselves - both physically and mentally. That’s why we approach training holistically. PerformanceGaines isn’t a gym that focuses on how many reps you did or how you look. We’re happy to say we’re really not a gym at all. We’re a movement training dojo committed to helping you explore all the ways you can improve your life. We start this journey by focusing your training on the technical aspects of how you move, not just how much you move.

PerformanceGaines centers it’s training philosophy around the concept of athleticism. This doesn’t mean that we’ll try to make you identify as an athlete; just that the skills that make up a truly well rounded athlete are also the same attributes that we all strive for as we’re pushing ourselves to discover our best, most successful selves. Below are the concepts we’ve landed on and some explanation around what each concept encapsulates. Let us know which concepts you already identify with, which ones you hope to one day embody, and if there are any that don’t really appeal to you. We want to continually improve this idea to be truly defining for people as they begin to work towards their own personal greatness.

Athleticism Attributes +

  1. Strength +

    Developing strength breeds resilience to stresses that you'll encounter in life.
  2. Flexibility +

    Developing flexibility creates new strategies that you can employ to adapt to new, challenging situations.
  3. Motor Control +

    Developing motor control improves the communication between your mind and body - leading to more effective approaches and responses to every changing situtations.
  4. Mindset +

    Developing your mindset - specifically your growth mindset - influences your ability to learn with curiosity from your past experiences to improve continuously.
  5. Recovery +

    Developing your recovery is critical for the synergistic balancing of your body's systems and strongly influences your performance longevity - both physically and mentally.