Join the Tribe


Want to start training independently? PerformanceGaines is looking to bring the most passionately curious and driven coaches into our facility. Here's what we look for in a team member:

  • EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science or a related field AND/OR a nationally recognized certification through one of the following organizations: NASM, NSCA, ACSM, or NATA.
  • EXPERIENCE: Two years of training experience.
  • PASSION: A personal enthusiasm for health and fitness.
  • COLLABORATION: The desire to be a part of a team.

*NEW TO TRAINING?  We have Intern and Mentorship programs to help coaches of all levels develop their skills and private practice. 

As a PerformanceGaines team member, you'll join a select tribe of driven fitness coaches who LIVE what we do. Everyday is an ideal combination of inspiration, education, collaboration, support, laughs and witty remarks!

And the advantages don't end there. All members of the PerformanceGaines tribe receive the following perks :

Being a true coach comes with its perks.

Here are just a few  of them.

PG Tribe

Work with amazing people and enjoy quarterly events.                                         


PG Entrepreneur

Learn a simple, clear and effective way to become the most successful coach you can be.


PG Marketing

Enjoy complimentary photoshoots to improve the look and feel of your online presence, PR assistance for events, and more!

PG Coach Sub Program

Take advantage of PerformanceGaines' Trainer Sub Program and earn money while you are on vacation. 


PG Membership

Receive a complimentary open gym membership to use the entire 6,000 sq ft. PerformanceGaines training facility for your own training.


PG Lounge

Enjoy our private trainer lounge, kitchen and take advantage of the storage lockers to make your commute lighter. 

PG ConTinuing Education

Get access to monthly updates in your training knowledge during our Brainstorm sessions! You also receive discounts on annual coursework sponsored by PerformanceGaines in Palo Alto. See our event calendar for up-coming events. 



Our process is more than just an interview. It gives everyone a chance to learn more about you as a person, your training practices, and experience while also getting to know you as an individual to make sure you will be an awesome fit to the PerformanceGaines team and vice versa.