California Avenue Parking


The CalAve business district will be under construction for the next year and a half to two years.  As the district has continued to expand and add more businesses and dwellings the city is preparing for this expansion by building a new six floor parking structure with an ability to park 600+ cars.  This structure will be located behind Antonio's Nut House.  In addition there will also be a new public safety building located in the parking lot behind old 299 Blossom.  This project is expected to span from now until the new Public safety building is completed in the late fall of 2021.  

During this time period, the traffic patterns and parking availability/locations will change occasionally.  We encourage you to be on the look out for these changes and will update the Blossom website with information as it becomes available.  

Main construction highlights: 

  • Effective immediately the city will repave, restripe and remove trees from the lot behind the building at 299 CalAve.  During this time period adding 30 spaces to the Lot behind the old Blossom building by restriping - this will go on for about a month but will be phased so some of it will be available at all time

  • Beginning in March or April the City will begin to construct the new parking garage behind Antonio's.  The Parking Garage construction is estimated to be completed in early 2020.

  • The City intends to complete the California Avenue Parking Garage prior to construction of the Public Safety Building.  The Public Safety Building construction is estimated to be completed in fall 2021.

For more information regarding to this project specifically, please visit: