Who is Chris Gaines?

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I’m a curiously passionate movement coach who believes that we’re all capable of achieving so much as long as we’re willing explore outside the box …

I don’t think certifications can ever define a true coach. They simply give you a glimpse into some of the formal education a coach has gone through. That being said, here’s some of what I’ve formally learned. SFG II, GMB, NSCA CSCS, NASM PES & CES, Barefoot Training, PRi, Z-Health, Pn1, Z-Health, Pre/Post-Natal, FRC.

What’s it like to train with Chris?

Well, ‘interesting’ is one word that get's shared with me often. The experience and my approach are both different from the norm. When we work together, my goal is never to make you sweat more or work harder for the sake of it. I strive to ensure we’re always working toward a specific intention - one that is going to have a meaningful impact on the way you’re able to live your life outside of our sessions.



Single Session


Monthly In-Person Subscription

  • $1,040(1x/week)

  • $2,080(2x/week)

  • $3,120(3x/week)

  • $4,160(4x/week)

Online Coaching

$450 per month

Please note that there is a 24 hour cancellation fee for all training sessions. Failure to communicate will result in a forfeited session.


Getting Started with Chris


Intro Call

First, we’ll set up a call to discuss your goals and delve deeper into how working together could benefit you best.

Discovery Session

Assuming we’re a good fit to work together after the call, we’ll schedule an intro session where we learn more about how you’re moving and begin to ask the right questions to figure out why.

Program Outline

I’ll follow up the first session with a synopsis of what we found and what I believe the next steps should be. How frequently should you be training? What should be the first area to focus on?


Now we get to move forward together and test theories as we work through your program. We’ll adjust on the way based on your immediate and future needs.