It's a true pleasure to announce the opening of our new PerformanceGaines facility on California Avenue. The move to our new home represents a dream actualized, a goal attained, and a new beginning for our team. We are in the business of helping people through movement; we are delighted to join the California Avenue community to offer our partnership, camaraderie, and stewardship to our client athletes, our business partners, and our neighborhood at large. 

Our move to Cal Ave is a tremendous endeavor--and we couldn't be more excited to share what we have to offer. Our new home is so much more than a gym: it's a dojo, a place of learning, for our athletes and coaches alike. Our open floor plan--including a large turf, agility area, monkey bars, and cable machines--provides the physical and mental space to move and flow. Our locker room amenities provide an end-to-end athlete experience allowing you to efficiently focus on your custom fitness program. 

Our team is a collective of movement coaches devoted to the ideal of a training experience focused around more than just exercising. We at PerformanceGaines foster a culture of progression and creativity. We create services that lead to powerful experiences for our athletes, positively influencing their lives today with a focus on their ability to achieve their dreams of tomorrow.

As the business owner, I am here to thank you for the warm welcome we've received from the community throughout the journey of making our new home on California Avenue. My team of coaches and I have poured our every effort into achieving this milestone; the time, drive, and dedication we have invested is all in the name of a vision and commitment to coach athletes of all levels to perform at their highest potential throughout their lives. We look forward to engaging the California Avenue community through our meaningful services, community events, and promotion of a culture of learning.

Christopher Gaines