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Monkey Business: Locomotion Workshop for Parents and Kids

Every Sunday in September, Starting September 8th ($250 for 4 Workshops)


Imagine never doubting yourself physically. We know your life may not revolve around exercise and making “optimal” choices for fitness may not be your chief concern when you’re at work or hanging out with your family.

Of course you want to be physically capable of keeping your kids warm, fed, and safe. But you also want to have fun with them! You want to teach them how to play the sports you love, take them on vacations and outdoor adventures, and just run around and dance and be silly, all with the confidence that you can handle whatever comes up. But time for training is tight. And with so many video games, TV shows, and social networks screaming for your kids’ attention, it can be hard to make sure they get enough movement to develop healthy, capable bodies. Research also shows that children are strongly influenced by what their parents do on a regular basis. If children observe inactive lifestyles by their parents then the greater the probability that children become inactive as well; affecting growth and lifestyle.

This workshop will help re-educate the body to move freely and naturally while learning the importance of each locomotion movement. At the same time you and your kid will be working on strength, flexibility, body control, and coordination.

Connect with your body, connect with your kids.

Join our workshop to learn and enhance you and children's locomotion skills and what GMB refers as "animal" movements while having a blast with your kid(s).

Release the animal inside you every Sunday this September starting September 8th!

Workshop Schedule:
10:00am-11:00am | September 8
10:00am-11:00am | September 15
10:00am-11:00am | September 22
10:00am-11:00am | September 29

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