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What is PerformanceGaines? +

PerformanceGaines(PG) is a movement-focused training dojo based in the heart of the Silicon Valley. We believe in the innate desire of every human to strive to be the best version of themselves. PG isn't a destination that our community members settle at - it's a place where people come to grow and foster the curiosity to coninue doing so for the rest of their lives.

What should I bring to train? +

Firstly, a desire to learn. No one knows everything, and the strength of our community lies in everyone's ability to recognize that and to look to each other to continue to grow.

Clothes that allow you to move freely.

Water bottle. We have filtered water, so all you'll need is the vessel. Don’t worry if you forget. We sell water bottles, too.

Shoes for training in case your feet need some extra cushion.

May I train barefoot? +

Yes! We encourage it! Still, always bring training shoes in case your feet don't take to the turf or flooring well.

Do you have showers and changing rooms? +

Yes! We have two locker rooms, each with bathrooms, two showers, basic amenities, and a hairdryer.

May I hang out in the lounge before/after training sessions? +

Please do! We love it when community members come early and stay late. Come to train. Stay for the laughs and learning. Use the wifi if you like.

Is PerformanceGaines Crossfit? +

Nope. We've evolved our own approach to training and continue to develop it. We have no affiliation with Crossfit.

What's a good weekly group training schedule to begin with? +

That depends on you, your current ability level and your intentions.

In general we recommend students familiarize themselves with our class descriptions and which elements of movement they each focus on - skill, strength, mobility, and conditioning.

The other classes that fill in your weekly movement training practice are entirely dependent upon what you need to work on and what you want to work on. You also have to factor in schedule and budget.

We’d love the opportunity to give you guidance on what weekly training schedule would be best for you.

How many times a week should I train? +

You're meant to move everyday. Movement is the driver for so many biological functions as well as the catalyst for changing our brain chemistry and composition.

We encourage all of our students to adopt a daily movement practice. We don’t train at high intensity every day and neither should you or anyone else.

Regardless of how many times a week you can train with us, we welcome anyone who wants to explore self-mastery through movement training and a journey into personal wellness.

Can I do personal training and/or semi-private training? +

Absolutely! It’s very common at PG. Personal training is great for hyper-focused coaching and individual programming. Training on your own also makes it easier for most people to give themselves permission to try new things and potentially fail.

There’s nothing like the energetic synergy created in group training sessions. Something about being in a group of spirited, enthusiastic people makes everyone stronger, more courageous, more committed and more resilient.

Combining these experiences is a great way to expand your practice.

What are your personal training prices? +

All of our coaches are independent contractors, so they have their own rates, starting at $150 per session. Everyone we're associated with is experienced, talented, knowledgeable and articulate.

If I'm injured can I still train at PerformanceGaines? +

It totally depends on the type of injury and whether it’s in the acute phase. Movement of the right kind and intensity can be beneficial for healing.

There are also many injuries that can be trained around during the rehabilitative process.

We definitely want to know about your injuries before you start with us and are happy to chat with you to see what the right plan is moving forward.

DO I HAVE TO SIGN IN FOR CLASS IN ADVANCE? Yes. We have a 34° North mobile app that makes it a 5 second process. We limit the number of spaces in class so we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to train if you show up without registering in advance. It’s also a courtesy to the instructor teaching the class so they can be prepared with the proper progressions and equipment setup.

What happens if I sign up for class and don't show up?

Our policy is to charge $20 for a no show. We do this to discourage people from taking spots in class from students that want to train.

Why don't you have any mirrors?

We have several reasons...

The focus should never be on the result; it should be on the process. Mirrors make it harder for people to engage with the process.

So you’ll learn to feel movement rather than relying on visual validation. Real life doesn’t provide mirrors to help you ensure your pelvis is in neutral.

People are more willing to explore and put themselves out there when they aren’t so concerned about how they look doing it.

May I train at PerformanceGaines on my own, like an Open Gym Membership?

Yes. We charge $30 for a drop-in workout and $150 for unlimited open gym during our operating hours. Inquire for more information at info@performancegaines.com