Chris gaines

“Focus on the journey and your goal will be in hand.”

Mission: I aim to empower people to change their life for the better by helping improve how they move.

  • I help clients gain mobility & strength to move through each day with more energy & purpose.

  • My training is about helping people regain the freedom to move & confidence to do the things they love.

  • I firmly believe that each one of us is an athlete and therefore should train with intention, move freely, and pursue the highest potential.


Nick weiss

“To educate others and empower them to move in new ways!”

Mission: I want to help cultivate a positive, curious community at PerformanceGaines.

  • My passion for movement and injury prevention started when I was playing NCAA football

  • I learned the importance of proper movement and pre-hab work while working for Agile Physical Therapy at Palo Alto Medical Foundation

  • I strive to help my clients train with purpose, so that they’re able to do everything they love without pain or movement restriction.



brent lake

“Being well rounded in old-school basics.”

Mission: I want to give you the tools to be who you want to be.

  • In 1996 I became a certified trainer and for the past 20 years I have been helping clients reach their fitness goals.

  • Working with my clients is the greatest job on earth.

  • As a versatile trainer, I can work with a variety of clients with whichever goal they choose.