PerformanceGaines is a movement based gym that focuses on improving the way you move. We believe that developing optimal movement is the key to peak performance - whether your objective is to lose weight, gain muscle, compete in sports at any level, live without pain for the first time in years or simply age gracefully. 

We believe our sedentary jobs and lifestyles are a serious threat to our physical wellbeing and long-term quality of life. Lack of movement can cause pain ranging from headaches to serious back, neck, hip and knee pain.  

Most people think increasing your reps or the intensity of your workouts will solve these problems, however this can and often does lead to even more issues

We believe that our specialized movement training is the key to overcoming these challenges and allows our client-athletes to live pain free and achieve their ultimate fitness goals.

Our team of world class trainers have a client base ranging in age from 11 to 90. Our clients - who we refer to as athletes - want to look better, feel better, train for a specific event, compete professionally, or simply want to overcome the pain that is keeping them from enjoying certain aspects of life.